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Leverage International Partners


I am a member of the most innovative and agile network in the global real estate market today.

Leverage Global Partners is an international community of independent brokerage firms who align under shared standards of care, market expertise and service.

Here’s a glimpse at how Leverage empowers me as an agent.

Elevated Promotion
leveraging a powerful network

With a modern and dynamic digital and social platform, Leverage enables me to strategically promote properties to a global audience. My/Our listings can be featured on, a curated channel of real estate and lifestyle content and promoted to a social media audience of 80,000+ followers.

Creative Expertise
marketing & technology experts at your service

A creative team of designers, writers, social media experts, developers and printers are at my disposal to develop a personalized marketing strategy and materials that engage today’s most discerning buyers.

Exclusive Community
access to knowledge & tools from elite influencers in real estate

Serving authentically local brokerages across 140+ major markets worldwide, Leverage unites a community of 6,100+ top producing real estate professionals who share innovative strategies and tactics market-to-market.

Relocation Connections
putting you in touch with the right professionals in any market

Beyond the market coverage that Leverage has within its membership, Leverage’s relocation experts will identify a Leverage-quality firm in any market where you have a real estate need.

I invite you to experience the difference –

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